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Easter/Spring Break - 2008
 Easter/Spring Break in Eastern TN Mountains.....

Clare and Friend (Natalie) at home for the snow

Rare smiling picture of Patrick

The Eclipse from March

Clare and the Easter Bunny at Adams Farm

Conor - Ready for the Easter Egg hunt

Conor and friend (Evan)

Patrick and friend (Ethan)

Conor - action shot of indoor soccer

Conor - Carolina Peace (in TN)

Patrick and Amos - playing tag

Granny and Clare (and Conor) out for a stroll

Conor being Conor

Kate - Hiking up to the "A.T."

Conor and Pop - taking a break

Patrick - chillin'
Pop - breathing the mountain air...
Mommy and Conor - on the "A.T."
Pop and Conor - explorers
Pop and the Coxwell boys...
Patrick - "A.T." Marker
Conor - "A.T." Marker

Patrick found a cow skull

Mommy and the boys coloring eggs
Clare - coloring eggs with Granny
Patrick - coloring eggs
Conor - not a little kid any more!
Patrick - searching for eggs...
Clare (with Granny)
The 3 rugrats
Clare - Watching it snow
Clare - couldn't resist going out!
And Conor...
Patrick - out sledding
Clare - out sledding
Conor - out sledding
Clare - Trying to make a Snow Angel
Patrick's hand-made car
Patrick - taking aim with the BB Gun
Pop - Teaching Clare a trade
"Be sure to shoot it that way..."
Checking out the results...
Clare - digging with Amos
Clare being "Clare"....... Patrick and Conor being "Patrick" and "Conor"...