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Coxwell Kids' May '08 Recreation

Patrick (find the Swiss/Federer combo in the bottom right) with his class during their "Flat Stanley" presentations.  Flat Stanley was sent to our friend's house in Switzerland for several weeks and Patrick then had to research and present facts about Switzerland, its' culture, food, etc.

Patrick with his Flat Stanley display

Patrick and his friends from class
Conor - Watching the ball!
Conor - 

Ready on defense with Coach Coxwell looking on

The team ready to move to the next level...
Clare - taking control...
Clare - going for the ball 

(with Coach Coxwell looking on) 

With the "Purple Pirates" - Celebrating the season 
Mommy and Clare at COnor's Track Meet
Conor - Getting prepped for the 400M relay.
Conor - 




Federer in training
Conor at the Greensboro Grasshoppers Game 

(yes, it is painful to allow him to wear his Florida Gators uniform)

Conor - Being introduced to the fans
Conor's Florida Gators team at the Greensboro Grasshoppers Game 
Conor - on the pitcher's mound with the Grasshoppers
Conor - 

running back to the dugout

Clare - 

With Guilford the Grasshopper

Clare - 

Prepping for her 1st Dance Recital

Clare - After her recital
Conor -

Showing Clare his pet frog

Conor -

With Grandpa

Conor -

At his game with Grandpa

Clare -

With Grandpa

Clare -

With Grandma