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1st Day of School (Fall '07) and Misc. Pics from September '07

Patrick and Conor - 1st day at new school - Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School (also P.E. day)

Clare - 1st day of 3-day/wk Preschool

No surprise as to which backpack she picked!
Mommy and Clare -1st day of Preschool
Clare - with her "ride"....
The "Conor Salute" 
Conor - showing off
The 3 Musketeers
Clare - What a beauty!
We could not resist taking a picture of this!
or this.......
Patrick - trying to prove the evolution theory from apes!
Conor - jumping for it!
The family boss taking a break
Most of the Coxwell family....
The 2 rulers of the household....
The 4 goofballs....
Did I already say "the 4 goofballs"?
We'll take whatever picture we can get of Patrick!
Lucked out with the camera again!
Clare - on the train
Conor on the merry- go 'round