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NASCAR - Sharpie 500 - Bristol, TN            August 25, 2007

We have to explain this set of pictures.  We took the opportunity to attend our first NASCAR race only to see what all the hype is about.  NASCAR had definitely been one of those things that we constantly made fun of and swore we would never be interested in.  Now that we have experienced our first race (and everyone says Bristol is one the best), we will not declare ourselves as "FANS", but would say that it is more complex and interesting than we ever imagined.  (By the way, Kathleen's new favorite numbers are #8-for this yr, #9, and #48 - you can ask her why).  

Tour of Pit Area

The driver of the #22 car (Dave Blaney) has kids at Patrick and Conor's new school...
Yes, believe it or not, that is Kate - did we say we were not "fans"?
160,000 fans with colored pieces of paper = "Largest Ever Crowd Sign"
More of the "fan sign"
Cars in position - pit crews during ovation
Start of race
Kahne, Gordon, and Earnhardt in the lead