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Summer 2008 - Litchfield Beach, SC

The 5 of us went to Litchfield Beach (next to Pawley's Island, SC) for our annual 7-day beach trip (above view from our balcony)

Clare being Clare

The 2 Divas in Myrtle Beach

Patrick - with his new "tattoo"

Clare - with her new braid

Conor - found some lunch 

(don't worry this is fake)

Conor - Loves to pose

Clare - looking for the catfish

Conor - after a long day

Patrick - from our balcony

Mommy and Dad

4/5ths of the clan

Clare and Mommy




and Clare

Patrick and Mommy

During our evening stroll

Clare and Mommy

Clare and Conor found something!

Mommy's "tattoo"

The family - after a long walk around the resort

How can you go to the beach and not bury someone?


Conor, Clare, and Patrick

Mommy - lookin' good!


Mommy - with her best friends (oh, and 1 of them is taking the picture!)

Patrick and Conor - Out for one of our daily late-night walks