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Christmas - 2007
As always, we spent Christmas (Eve and Day) at home...  Then, this year we went to Atlanta and then on to the Tennessee mountains....

Lights at Historic Castle McCulloch Gold Mill - High Point, NC


The Coxwell Clan

Clare's Christmas Presentation - - She just spotted Mommy!!!!


One more.
Coxwells - Christmas Eve

Coxwell Kids - Christmas Eve

Conor - the reindeer

Mommy and Clare

Mommy and the kids

The boys.....

Conor and Clare - leaving out reindeer food

Mommy - reading to kids before bed (in anticipation of Santa)

Clare wanted a pink bike AND a purple bike - appears she and Santa compromised...
Conor "Ali" - boxing on the Wii
Clare and Nonnie (in ATL)
Patrick (in ATL)
Kate (Mommy)
Granny and Pop Coxwell's 9 Grandchildren (in TN)